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Stromberg has dedicated much of her life's work creating sculptures, which have been commissioned by individuals and organizations, both public and private. Among these are her ten-foot tall sculpture OSMOSIS at the Official Residence of the Governor General of Canada; Rideau Hall, Ottawa. The sculpture "La Parole"is installed at the Canadian Senate, in the House of Parliament.

© Stromberg (2022)

The Bronze Musicians were given as gifts to Heads of State around the World visited by the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of the Canadian Senate. The Saxophone Player was gifted to then U.S. President Bill Clinton and The Violinist was gifted to then Russian President Boris Yeltsin at The Vancouver Summit. The Governor General chose one of  Strombergs’ Bronze Violinists to be placed on the desk in his official office at Rideau Hall. This Violonist is still exhibited at Rideau Hall today.



Susan Stromberg

"Since arriving in Montreal from  Saskatchewan in 1963 and acquiring three university degrees, Stromberg has become  a leading figure in Canadian sculpture. Her style encompasses what is recognizable of her subjects be they plant, animal or human though abstracted to incorporate the mystical quality intrinsic to her work." - Dr. P. Yaffe, Art Curator

"I Create Sculptures To Outlive Me"

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